A collection of nutritious and healthy recipes have been uploaded for all. 

The digital library functions to serve as a full-fledged electronic library and helps in  compiling and synthesising data from all nutrition related departments about their national policies, plans of actions, programmes, national and state level achievements and goals set. This knowledge is made available for policy makers, programme implementers, ICDS functionaries and other general public thereby facilitating evidence based and informed policy and programme development and implementation.

The E-library has volumes of reference documents on nutrition issues related to policy matters, programme design, academic and research, capacity building etc. The platform is web-enabled to maximize outreach at no cost to the users at all. The E- Library will provide technical material / aids for building capacities of the personnel on nutrition and health education as well as regular up-gradation of knowledge and skills.

The library offers 11 broad categories focusing on nutrition and child care with focus on ECE, lifecycle nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, Recipes, government acts, programmes and policies, IEC materials, surveys, media centre and information about key resource people and organizations working for nutrition and child care in the country.

These categories have robust resources like books, presentations, periodicals, research publications, government orders, compendium of research articles, audio and video spots etc. to provide a multifaceted approach to the library which can be downloaded for reference as well.